“Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing”

So far, this web design thing seems to require great effort to produce “stuff that works,” yet in the end just looks like all the rest.

How many sites have I seen with the same fixed, under-800-ish pixel wide, centered layout with a single masthead image, a horizontal navigation bar, then a two or three column layout with some blog entries, some links, and some pictures? Oh, and a footer.

They all validate, they’ll mostly show up on a monitor without a horizontal scroll bar, and the layout won’t break on a big monitor, but I look at a site that took multiple hours of work and think, “That’s it?”

The learning curve has been surprisingly steep, at least if you want to know how to actually work up a page yourself (rather than using someone else’s template or CMS theme).

fn1. A note about the title of this entry: it’s Shakespeare, from “Macbeth — Act 5, Scene 5”:http://www-tech.mit.edu/Shakespeare/macbeth/macbeth.5.5.html. Grand and auspicious, I know, but I enjoyed the sound of it.