Live Redesign in Progress

“MM.net”:http://michaelmontgomery.net/ is amidst a live redesign.
(That’s designer-speak for _”I’m making changes around here, in full view of everyone”_).

The people responsible for “Textpattern”:http://textpattern.com/, an excellent open-source CMS, have just completed a contest called “Textplates”:http://textplates.com/ to design themes for TxP sites.

Given my current focus on client work (that’s designer-speak for _”I’m too busy right now, working on other sites”)_, I’ve installed the excellent “White and Wild” theme from “Wilshire One”:http://www.wilshireone.com/.

One of the great aspects of this theme is that it has all the good stuff under the hood — yet it comes with a stark, elegant look.

*Why is that an advantage?* Because you can lay your own front-end look over it.

Which is exactly what I intend to do. Soon, really.