SXSW Third Day Thoughts

h3. CSS Problem Solving

_Christopher Schmitt (Heatvision.com), Ethan Marcotte (Vertua Studios), Dave Shea (mezzoblue.com), Charles Wyke-Smith (Nacio Systems), Tiffany Brown (Webinista LLC)_

* Great material, if rushed.
* The slides are available: “Ethan Marcotte”:http://sxsw2006.vertua.com/, “Dave Shea”:http://mezzoblue.com/presentations/2006/sxsw/css/q1.html, “Charles Wyke-Smith”:http://mezzoblue.com/presentations/2006/sxsw/charles/sxsw_files.htm, “Tiffany Brown”:http://www.tiffanybbrown.com/sxsw06/

h3. Does Your Blog Have a Business?

_DL Byron Principal (Texturadesign), Phoebe Espiritu, Eric Rice (Audioblog.com), Shaun Inman (haveamint.com), Jeffrey Zeldman Founder, (Happy Cog Studios)_

h3. Keynote Interview

_Craig Newmark (craigslist.com), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia)_

h3. WaSP Task Force Panel: Getting the Job Done Right

_Molly E Holzschlag (Molly.com), Steven Champeon (hesketh.com), Matt May (Blue Flavor), Drew McLellan, Dori Smith (Writer), Jennifer Taylor (Macromedia), Chris Wilson (Microsoft), Kimberly Blessing (KimmieCorp)_

* Web Standards: great cause, great group.
* The WaSP site redesign was unveiled later in the day.

h3. Design Eye for the List Guy

_Keith Robinson (Blue Flavor), Andrei Herasimchuk (Involution Studios), Cameron Moll (cameronmoll.com), Paul Nixon (Apple), Ryan Sims (Neubix)_

* They redesigned craigslist, which was described as being “undesigned.” That’s about how I would characterize it, and about where I would’ve stopped.

*Final note:* Denim is *in.* Khaki is definitely *out.*

_Photo courtesy of_ “Sooz”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/sooz/.