A First Resolution for 2010

h4. Clearing out some of the cobwebs around here, to say that I’m excited.

Excited about:

bq. What is Project52?

bq. Project52 is a personal challenge geared toward getting fresh content on your website. The goal is to write at least 1 new article per week for 1 year. Because we all know what it’s like to procrastinate on our content.

bq. All you need to do is just commit to the challenge and write the content. This site is just here to remind you of that commitment.

bq. How to Participate

* On Twitter, you can follow @p52info or use the hashtag #p52. We’ll track that as often as we can.

* Add your site to the form below. In time, we’ll gather the RSS feeds and begin sorting out who the slackers are.
* If you would like a banner to add to your site, feel free to download the logo. Be sure to link here and help spread the word. It’s time to get people writing again!
* You can also join the Google Group, if you’d like to share thoughts, ideas, and various bits of inspiration.

p. An awesome idea, whose time is overdue.