The Conversation on Patents: “Patent Schmatent”

Podcasts are an amazing concept — but there are thousands of them, and good ones can be hard to find. One guy who consistently records excellent work is “your internet pal,” Dan Benjamin.

I met Dan outside FOWA Miami. His first question was “What do you think of the iPad?” which led to an interesting conversation about the future of mobile computing, publishing, content creation contrasted with consumption, etc.

He later asked me “How much do you know about patent law and the stuff Apple is up to?”

“Dan Benjamin brings together geeks and attorneys to talk about the intersection of patents and software development, and speculate about Apple’s motivations and goals regarding their recent Android-inspired lawsuit against HTC.”

So I was a guest speaker on The Conversation, a podcast with 30-40 thousand listeners. The episode title is “Patent Schmatent,” and we talked about:

  • software patents and copyrights
  • technological innovation during the Middle Ages
  • “why have a patent system?”
  • Apple v. HTC
  • “what are they thinking?”

It seemed to go well, and I had a lot of fun talking with Dan, Dave and Wil. Hope to record more podcasts, one of these days.

Podcast: “Patent Schmatent