A Re-Shuffle, and Re-Commitment

h3. Re-Shuffle:

Things are shaking up around here–this online journal[1] should look quite a bit different, and the re-shuffling will continue.

I’m currently starting with the Elegant Grunge theme, and we’ll see where it goes.

h3. Re-Commitment:

Project 52 was technically a failure, already. However, “he wins who gets up more times than he is knocked down.”


I love the concept of, and am excited to get back into the habit of writing a journal.

A first concern is privacy. All entries of all authors are stored (in plaintext) in a central database. I’d prefer they were stored locally, and any statistics stored in the database.

Second, in addition to Markdown, I wish it could use Textile: (current version) (original version)

h3. Big Freebie from Adobe:

fn1. I prefer not to use that “b” word. Dreadful. By the way, if “blog” is a contraction of “web log,” shouldn’t it have an initial apostrophe, as in ‘blog?


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